Alcatraz: First Impressions

I love some good TV. I've been excited for the pilot of Alcatraz since I'd seen the commercials. I'm happy to report I wasn't disappointed by FOX's newest series. The basic premise is that 40ish years ago all the prisoners and guards of Alcatraz (LOL at me almost typing "Azkaban") prison disappeared, and are now returning in present day... only they haven't aged at all...and they are killing people.

I'm totally digging the "monster of the week" series format they're going with. In their case, the "monsters" are former Alcatraz inmates returning, not looking a day older than the day they disappeared 40ish years ago. The team's goal is to catch each prisoner before they kill, and lock them back up where they belong.

I really enjoyed the main team/pair. Visually they are an unlikely duo, and that makes me happy. Sarah Jones plays Rebecca Madsen, a fiery, blonde haired, blue eyed detective. I love her character so far. Jorge Garcia plays Diego Soto, a comic book loving historian. I can appreciate the duality of his character's smarts with his love for comic books and video games.

Of course the big questions of HOW these inmates have not aged in 40 years, WHERE they've been for 40 years and WHY they're returning now are all left to be answered. I'm really hoping these questions get answered throughout the season. Right now, I'm fine with not knowing, as things are just getting started. There seems to be a hint that maybe some medical experimentation was going on in Alcatraz. I don't need to know the answers to those questions right now, but I'll be sad if at the end of the season I feel like I did with Persons Unknown or The Killing, where no answers had been given, just more questions!

I give the pilot 2 thumbs up, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the series goes!

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  1. I give any project that JJ Abrams is involved with at least 3 episodes. The first episode of Alcatraz intrigued me, and as you said, waaaaaaaaay more questions than answers. Very curious to see what directions they take with it. Abrams usually brings the unexpected, and as soon as you think you've figured it out, he flips it.


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