The Accessibility of "The Obamas"

It may be that I am finally of age to actually pay attention to a president and first lady, or that this president and first lady are younger than those of past, or maybe, just maybe it's because they're Black, but I find President and First Lady Obama to be so accessible, and I appreciate that. While I do think they are both doing a great job in the positions that they serve, I won't say that their accessibility necessarily makes me feel that way, but just that I appreciate it. I appreciate feeling like there is a connection between the First Family and the public.

EXHIBIT A: The Song Heard 'Round The World

I don't think there was a woman in American who didn't swoon a bit at President Obama laying down some Al Green.

EXHIBIT B+C: First Lady Michelle Obama on Ellen

Her ease and candidness when being interview, her dancing along with Ellen, and not to mention an impromptu push-up contest...I love it.

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

EXHIBIT D: A Slide-show of President Obama First-bumping all over the place (click the image to get to the slide show)

Charisma and coolness don't make someone an effective leader of the country, but in this case, President Obama's accessibility is the icing on top of what I think is a good president cake.


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