This is why you have no blog topics

The other day I came to the realization that when I have time to blog, I have no blog topics, and when life is super busy and hectic, I have PLENTY of topics that come to mind, but no time to write them.

This actually made sense when I thought about it. When I have plenty of time, I'm probably not doing much in life outside my normal routine, so there is nothing new to inspire topics. When I'm super busy that means I'm doing things, going places, and seeing people that I don't normally see, which is more likely to spark a blog idea. To have new blog content it's best to experience new things.

Happy Saturday. Go out and do something blog worthy ;-)


  1. Haha, so true! Been there, done that... Time and time again! :) It's SO frustrating! Because then you realize that the process won't end, because when you're busy, you'll still almost always be too busy to blog. But when you have plenty of free time, there's a reason. I hate it, because I always put off blogging until I have time, and by then (or even by the time I get home to jot down an idea), I've lost my idea!! So frustrating, you know?

    ~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

  2. This has happen to me many of times, whenever I have writers block it means I have nothing worth writing about! This year I started writing about stuff in my personal life, I won't give too much but I believe it is worth sharing!

  3. @EbonyNicole30 - yea, I've started incorporating a little from my personal life also...Thanks for reading! :-)

    @Heather - I agree! Even when I jot down the idea, by the time I get to write it I've lost most of the substance I had thought about writing about lol.


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