Should men hold doors?

I am all of the belief that men and women, and those who identify anywhere on the spectrum between those two, have the same capability of doing most things with the obvious exception of things directly linked to our differences physically. I am all about being a strong woman and not NEEDING a man...but...I still think men should open doors and give up their seat for a woman on the bus or train (especially if they are older than him).

Why is that? I don't really believe we are the "fairer" or more delicate sex, I just think it should be done. Do I not get to believe in equality and the independence of woman if I want the door held open for me? Do I think that the capability to bring life into this world warrants this treatment? Women don't NEED men to do these things for them, but I feel like it should just be proper protocol.

To add to my confusion on the subject, I don't except my husband to do these things for me, though I do hope that he's opening doors and giving up his seat for women he doesn't know, AND I do expect strange men to do the same for me lol.

Is it just part of general manners, like shaking someone's hand with your right hand when you meet them? Is it old fashioned ways that still permeate just because? Is this something antiquated that society should let go of?

I'm all mixed up... thoughts? As a man, do you feel like you are obligated to open the door for a women? As a woman, do you expect a man to give up his seat for you?

P.S. - when it comes to holding doors open specifically, I really think EVERYONE should hold the door for the person directly behind them, it just makes sense. 


  1. I think a certain amount of chivalry is good for society. It keeps us grounded in respect when things like holding doors and giving up seats happen. I'm very independent, but I love it when a guy holds the door open for me. I hold doors open to other people, but I see it as him respecting me when he considers me enough to do this. I don't necessarily think he should give his seat up to me, but it's great when a guy does. I appreciate his thoughtfulness just that much more.

  2. I agree - I think EVERYONE should hold the door for others. It is rather nice when a man does it for a lady - but a woman can do it just as well. Great post<3

  3. I am not sure if I expect a man to give up his seat for me although the BF always does this for me (it feels good). And I think its common sense that the person infront hold/open the door for the person behind them.

  4. I don't expect a man to give up his seat for me, or open a door. When it happens, I do appreciate the gesture. Interesting topic!


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