Thankful Thursday: Thankful to be Exhausted

Linking up with Cami at First Day of My Life for Thankful Thursday: 


Life is all about perspective, and having the right or wrong perspective can make all the difference. I found myself last week in a state of exhaustion, but along with that I felt thankful to be exhausted. The things that tire me out, are also the things I'm blessed to have: my family, the house I own, my cute face doggie Sunny, my husband, my job, my other job, and my other job lol. It can be easy sometimes to feel weighed down with responsibility, but at the same time, my responsibilities are connected to the things I love about life. 

Happy Thursday :-D


  1. This is a FANTASTIC post! I really love your attitude.

    1. Thank you! How's the little baby (and momma!) doing?

  2. Aw darling what a precious post :) I am thankful for you & your loving spirit!
    Thanks for linking up <3

    (Still waiting to hear your good news!;)


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