“Discovering Sagacity": Women Playwrights on the Trials and Truths of Being Female

I am very excited to announce the next acting project I have coming up. As part of the Shubin Theater's 25th anniversary, they are having two weeks worth of events. On April 27th at 8pm they will present “Discovering Sagacity: Women Playwrights on the Trials and Truths of Being Female.” I will be acting in two of the short plays presented that evening. 

Excerpts from the press release

“The Craving” by Joy Cutler is directed by Debra Leigh Scott and stars Chris Davis and LaNeshe Miller. Iris is pregnant and her husband, Denny is excessively attentive to her needs. He knows pregnant women are prone to outlandish cravings and he’s desperate to satisfy her impossible wishes, but the harder he tries the more frustrated she becomes. He anxiously looks forward to the birth of their first child, but Iris’ pregnant belly is only another one of her tricks to restore her husband back to the man she used to love before his bizarre accident that day on the baseball field. 

“Mother’s Day With Irma” by Bonnie MacAllister is directed by Denise Shubin and stars Chris Davis, LaNeshe Miller and Denise Shubin. Somehow an artist’s child grows up to be a financier. A feminist take on meeting the parent, “Mother’s Day With Irma” shows the constant dance of love and resentment that can take place between a mother and daughter. 

If you are in the Philadelphia area I  definitely suggest you come out to this, and other shows during the festival. It will definitely be a showcase of Philadelphia's talented theater community. 

Tickets HERE
More info on the festival HERE

Happy Friday :-D 

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  1. Thanks for reminding me for this event. I will be there on April 27th ! Thanks !@LisaWomen Health


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