Alarm-free Morning

There is something beautiful about going to sleep without setting an alarm to wake you up in the morning. It's so freeing, one of those "little things in life" that make me smile. I love the lack of constraint that comes with going to sleep without thinking "did I set me alarm?" and waking up naturally, and not to the harsh tone of my iPhone's alarm. 

I didn't have that pleasure this morning as I am up bright and early to make breakfast at IHOP before our 9am showing of the DARK KNIGHT RISES. But tomorrow, I will gladly enjoy the freedom of an alarm-free morning. 


  1. When I moved in with my husband I was shocked & appalled that he did NOT use an alarm! EVER. & I guess it's because he doesn't have to be at work at an exact time....SO i tried life without one and I have never looked back! & I am always the early one at work lol IHOP sounds delish!

    I was able to do that on Saturday and ohmygosh did it feel sooo good to wake up at my "normal" time and then go back to bed :D


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