Chronicle: Not Your Average Super Heroes

Today I watched the movie Chronicle and I really enjoyed it. I coined it a "different kind of super hero movie." 

It starts off like many super hero movies, the three guys experience an inciting incident that gives them super powers. But they don't take the Peter Parker route. They don't become super heroes, they become the guys they are, who happen to have super powers. They don't save the world, they play pranks, are experts at beer pong, and blow wind up girls skirts. It was so charming to me to see this, as I think this is what would probably happen if a "real life" teenager found himself with super powers. 

I also enjoyed the dynamic of the main characters. You've got three very different guys. One popular guy (Steve, played by Michael B. Jordan), a really loner/loser kid (Andrew, played by Dane DeHaan) and an average high school guy, not popular, but not not 'nerdy' (Matt, played by Alex Russell). It was interesting to see these three different individuals deal with living with powers. 

The story-line was awesome, and the acting gets two thumbs up. The story definitely took a dark turn midway through that was tough to watch, but made for a great movie. 

I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but I definitely give this film five stars. Check it out if you have the chance. 


  1. Ha! We watched and enjoyed this one too! That final fight scene lasted forever!

  2. I loved this movie, it was definitely slept on. And your blog is perfect..excuse me as I read each post!

    1. I was surpised by how good it was because I never really heard anyone talk about it! Definitely under rated. I'm glad you like my blog :-)

  3. I LOVE that you blogged about this..I haven't seen it yet..but V LOVES it. Like literally has made five other people watch it with him...I just haven't had time yet. :)


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