Being You... Unapologetically

If someone doesn't ever want to see you evolve or change they don't really love you. "Don't change," is almost a cruel thing to request, a proclamation against the natural process of growth. "That doesn't seem like you," can feel like a knife stab in the heart of a new en-devour of which you've put in work, and enjoyed. 

You really can only be you. And YOU will evolve, and change, and grow...and there is nothing wrong with that. It is quite possible that as you grow and change, there may not be a place in your life for those who knew you when... and that's ok too. Only they can decide if they want to hold onto an ancient concept of you, or grow alongside you. 


  1. And it really boils down to changing for the better or worse.

    1. VERY TRUE. This would be changing for the better of course.

  2. Okay, I love this! What a great message. I actually said "that doesn't sound like you" to my hubby just the other day! You got me thinking...:-)


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