How Nicki Minaj Ruined Halloween

I like Halloween. I haven't dressed up in a few years, and I didn't even give out candy last year because I had a rehearsal on Halloween night. This year, the mid-day, mid-week dance party at my job for the month of October happens to fall on Halloween. (Yes, I have mid-day, mid-week dance parties at my job, if you're in Philly ask me for details lol). So I MUST have an awesome costume. I thought about being Black Widow: 

But, if I wore a cat suit and a red wig, even with various guns strapped to me, people would think I was Nicki Minaj. 

Then I thought, being Effie Trinket would be really cool: 

But, if I wore a blonde wig and make-up like this, people would think I was Nicki Minaj: 

So, since Nicki Minaj has ruined any costume that requires a wig for me, I'm not going to be a woman at all for Halloween. I'm going to be one of my favorite male TV characters. 10 points to anyone who guesses who I'll be :-D


  1. Funny! Although I have no idea what male TV character you will be. Excited to find out.


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