AIDS Walk/Run Philly - Support Team Love

Sunday, October 21st will be the 26th annual AIDS Walk Philly, Delaware Valley's largest annual HIV/AIDS awareness and fundraising event. I have joined Team Love as a walker and supporter of the event and AIDS awareness. I know that at this point in time a lot of people go along with the mantra "AIDS isn't a death sentence any more. They have medicine that keeps people alive for years now." Yes, major advances have been made, but does that mean we shouldn't be educated on how to avoid HIV/AIDS and do what we can to stop the spread of the virus? 

Some facts from the Aids Walk Website: 
  • Every 9½ minutes, someone is infected with HIV.
  • 1 in 5 people with HIV does not know it.
  • One third of all new HIV infections are among young adults under the age of 29.
  • There are approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV disease.
  • Since the first AIDS case was diagnosed in 1981, over 600,000 Americans have died of AIDS, more than all the U.S. combat deaths since the beginning of World War I.
  • Nearly half of the people infected with HIV in the U.S. are not receiving medical care.
I humbly ask for your sponsorship of me, Team Love, and support of AIDS Walk/Run Philly. DONATE whatever you can, every cent helps. 

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