ABCs of Fall/Winter: Q is for Quadrisullabic Winter Words Crossword Puzzle

Boy, is that a title lol. 

Since I never got around to finishing my ABCs of Fall and ABCs of Winter series last year, I thought I'd continue it this season and hopefully make it through to the end of the alphabet this year. I left off on the letter Q, which is a hard one. "Quilt" would have been too easy, so I settled on "Quadrasyllabic Winter Words" - don't ask me how I thought of that one lol. 

Since I'm participating in DigiWriMo and am trying to be more creative, instead of just listing four syllable words, I've created a cross word puzzle for you to figure them out! Feel free to leave as many answers as you can in the comment section. I'll highlight the person who gets the most correct when I post the answers. 

    4  The best beverage to buy from an orchard         
                6   Big Bird colored version of everyone's favorite type of hands-free blanket          
                7   A lighter form of warm cocoa beverage

                1  A kind of festivity for the decoration of Christmas foliage             
                2  The title of my blog (bonus)       
                3  Song in the theme of Christ's birthday holiday   
                5  Winter footwear that protects from liquid

DigiWriMo word count: 2,478/50,000 (I need to pick up the pace lol)

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