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We have so much technology, and interact with so many screens and gadgets daily that everything seems commonplace, but many of these advancements are fairly new, even if it seems like there wasn't a time when we were so encompassed by technology. I'm going to share the technological advancements that actually blew my mind. They seem normal now, but at the time they came out, they knocked my socks off.

The Mouse
While it seems babies are born now intuitively knowing how to wield a computer mouse and swipe across an iPad, when I was five years old and my grandmother put me in computer class the mouse was such a foreign object to me. I could see that  moving it made the little arrow on the screen move, but it felt like magic.

WebTV, Chatrooms, and E-mail
Wait a minute. What is this you say? I can talk to people around the world that I don't even know? How is this possible? WebTV was my first internet experience, before I was thrown into the world of AOL trial discs for internet access on the computer. I don't know how many of those trial discs I went through in my lifetime. What I know for certain is that WebTV was my first foray into the world of communicating via the internet with people I didn't know in real life...and I LOVED it, obviously I still do ;-)

The Cable Modem
Dial-up internet connection sucked. Of course, when that was the only option, we didn't know it sucked. All we knew was unless we had two separate phone lines we couldn't talk on the phone and be on the internet at the same time. Enter the Cable Modem. It blew my mind. Not only was the internet connection what seemed like a billion times faster, I could talk to my friends on the phone at the same time as I was chatting with them in AOL Instant Messenger! What more could a teenager ask for? The cable modem also amped up my use of the next technological advancement that blew my mind:

Wait a minute. What is this "downloading" you speak of? Any song, movie, or music video I can think of I can HAVE? Napster was amazing. But Napster after my family switched from dial-up to cable modem was like media heaven. I went from a 15 minute download time for a single song, to getting every Michael Jackson video I could think of within seconds. It was amazing.

Text Messaging
Back in my teenage years wielding a Trackphone I felt privileged that I could talk in a mobile fashion (at about $1 per minute lol). When text messaging first surfaced, I didn't feel like I needed text messaging. I just needed a phone I could make calls on. Then I got a phone with text message capabilities (at the rate of something like 10 cents per text lol) and was excited by the notion of "talking" to someone, without actually talking.

At this point, being on what seems like the 20th version of the iPhone, it may seem overrated. But think back, really think back to the first time you saw an iPhone. It was so innovative. No buttons, just a touch screen. Even though I was impressed with it, I had the mantra "I just need a phone to make and receive calls and text messages." But once I entered into the world of internet, e-mail, games, and social media, all on my phone, I was, and continue to be hooked. 

What piece of technology really blew your mind when it debuted?

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  1. Personal computers were a big deal when I went to college. Now I can't imagine being without a laptop. That and my iPhone hold my life.


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