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Friday, December 7, 2012

An Innovative Shopping Experience

Last night I was on Pinterest trying to find outfit inspiration for a meeting I have to attend in January. One of the outfits I found led me to Once I got there I realized that their clothes are WAY out of my price range. But I was amazed at the browsing experience. Why? The models wearing the clothes MOVE. The models aren't just in static pictures wearing the clothes, they do a little twirl for you in them!

I thought this was amazing and extremely innovative. If I was able to buy clothes from them, that feature would definitely enhance the shopping experience. I predict as time goes on more and more websites will adopt this model. It would be nice to have models of different sizes showing off the clothes. I can only wish right? Check out THIS ROMPER  to see it in action. 


  1. That is neat, but yea on it being expensive! Gee whiz.

    I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for an award. > :)

    1. My mind couldn't even comprehend their prices lol.

      Thank you for the award! I'll have to do that this weekend.

  2. What I'm about to say may very well confuse you in every way possible.

    I love the fact of seeing different size models in magazines, online, etc. However, when I do see them, it looks kind of odd because I barely ever see it. I wish the world would accept plus size models more often. I usually only see larger sized models in the intentional plus size department, such as or Lane Bryant.

    I wish the world would be open minded to a new perspective when we say the world "model".

    1. Yea, it definitely uncommon to see anything other than a "standard" size models in clothes promotions unless it's a plus sized line.

  3. That is very cool! But yeah those prices scare me, lol. Good luck on the search!

  4. I noticed that too on Shopbop. Very cool!


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