A Show Of Brilliance: Total Blackout

I have found a genius of a show. Total Blackout is likely one of my new favorite shows. I know, I know that sounds crazy, but if you haven't watched it, you can't understand the novelty. Hubs and I have watched every episode that has aired thus far.

The premise of this Syfy show is it's a game show where contestants have to complete tasks in total darkness. These tasks include identifying smells, guessing weights, and guessing what objects/animals are. It is so entertaining to watch. People get in the dark and FREAK OUT, sometimes over things as harmless as a brush, or a teddy bear. What happens in the dark is their minds go wild, and they think of the worst. 

The show is genius because not only is it entertaining, but it's got to be crazy cheap to produce. All they really need is their warehouse, and their lovely host, Jaleel White of Steve Urkel fame. Check out the trailer: 

Have you watched Total Blackout? Do you love it like me?

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