Throwback Thursday: Places Where Men Are Always Right

I was reading some posts from my old Xanga blog this morning and found I had some pretty good stuff way back in the day in 2008 lol. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I think on Thursdays I will re-post some old posts here. 

Places Where Men Are Always Right
Originally written June 9, 2009

Well, I suppose the true title should be "Places where men always think they are right." Now, you know I try hard not to generalize groups of people, so maybe this should be titled "Places where men that I know personally think they are always right." Ok, lets go with that one. 

You see that man? He looks happy right? He will stay happy, as long as you don't tell him that the hot dogs are over cooked, or that the hamburgers are under cooked, or that the coals are not hot enough. 

You see that face? That is the face of a man who has just been told he is going the wrong way. You don't want to see this man. Pass the same tree 5 times in the last hour? You can mention it, but then you will get this face lol

This photo is obviously photoshopped because men work on the car alone, or with another man, but definitely not with a woman. She better just be holding his tools and not telling him what to do. All men don't have to know how to fix cars, they just think they have to know how to fix cars, thus they must be right in their car fixer-upering. 

Men who dare to tackle the kitchen as one of their domains feel that just for the bravery of stepping into a "female dominated" area of the home, what they say should go. You can have a smiling man with a knife cutting cucumbers just like this, as long as you don't mention his lack of dish-washing skills or that the shrimp isn't cleaned properly.

In what places are the men in your life always right?


  1. My DH definitely handles all things car-related. He is always "right" there, as I have zero clues about cars.

  2. I suppose I'm generally logical in making decisions, already, but when I'm upset, perhaps that's when a man can counter my softness and vulnerability...errr some men.

  3. Great post.

    I really enjoy cooking, so I'll put up a fuss half the time if a man think he's right in my kitchen! lol!

    Morgan Ashley


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