Pinstrosity: When Pinterest Projects Go Wrong

If you're on Pinterest, you likely love Pinterest. Hopefully,  you're trying out those things you find on Pinterest and not just pinning with no action. Sometimes Pinterest projects go well, and sometimes...they don't. I came across this hilarious blog (on Pinterest, no doubt lol) that showcases the Pinterest projects that don't go so well. Let me introduce you to Pinstrosity

Here are a couple of my favorite Original Pins vs. the Pinstrosities:

Photo credits: Pinstrosity 

Does anyone have any tales of Pinterest projects gone horribly wrong? lol


  1. Pintrosity is hilarious! I've tried so many new things because of Pinterest and I can honestly say that I've only had two or three failures. Those shorts are just dreadful!

    1. I haven't had many fails. I've had some recipes that came out just like pinterest, but I think decided that I didn't actually like the taste of it lol

  2. I am totally a non-follow-thru person on Pinterest. I have so many great pins that "I want to try" that never come to fruition! haha THough, I have tried a few recipes, but forget to blog about it! ahha.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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