What Do You Really Want?

I realized today that the majority of the time when I'm thinking about my goals I'm thinking about them in comparison to someone else. 

I want to have a nice body like...
I would love to have the artistic reputation of...
I want to have as much style as...
I want my blog to be like...
I want to travel as much as...

I suppose it's only natural to model our goals after things we see from others that we want, or think we would want. People's lives, or the positive doppelganger version of their lives, are on display for us to see and compare ourselves to 24/7 through social media. Because of this I think it's important to take time and really self-reflect on what you really want verses what you've seen someone else has and you think you want. 

Create the unique vision of your dreams and success unrelated to what others have. 
Don't live in the confines of someone else's success. 
Happy Thursday,


  1. Beautifully said. I think this is something we all struggle with.

  2. It's a question I find myself asking often. I think you're right. "Goal modeling" happens naturally, especially when someone else has done something that you want to do. Throw "great success" on top of it, and it becomes all the more admirable.

    I see we're both thinking about "goals" this week, cool! :)

  3. I loved that tweet when I saw it the first time. It's hard not to compare, but you're right about someone else looking at our lives and wishing. That throws things into a different perspective. Good word at the end.


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