YouTube Tuesday: Instagram Fitness

For this week's edition of YouTube Tuesday I bring you "Instagram Fitness." This video is hilarious. I actually shed a tear laughing at it. 

While I do check-in on Foursquare at the gym (and everywhere else I go lol) I never take pictures at the gym, I've also never seen anyone at any of my gyms take pictures of themselves. I don't think I look picture worthy in the least when I'm sweating or in gym clothes. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds who habitually post photos of themselves at the gym. That's their prerogative, some of them actually inspire me to continue to keep working out and eating healthy. 

This video turns that habitual at the gym photo taking into pure comedy: 
What do you think of posting photos of yourself at the gym?


  1. see, this only reiterates what i've always said... the most talented people in the world ARE NOT ON TV! this was hilarious. they need their own darn tv show! :)

    1. YouTube is definitely home to a lot of talented people!

  2. Interesting that people do this. I have yet to see a full length mirror at the gym I go to. The only pictures I've taken at the gym are ones of the empty machines during those times when hardly anyone is there, or during or of my new favorite machine. This video is pretty spot-on, though.

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