10 Empties Challenge: 8/10

Two more products down in the 10 Empties Challenge!

Caress Sheer Twilight Body Wash, Black Orchid and Juniper Oil scent

This has a very perfumey scent if you're into that. I liked it. My sister gave it to me as a Christmas present and it's lasted me until now, about 6 months. Ingredient wise this isn't something I would purchase. If you don't care about ingredients and like a perfumey fragrance that will last past your shower or bath, it's a nice body wash. 

Kynx i am Pure monoi de tahiti oil

I won this oil in a giveaway a while back and I REALLY like it. It smells great, and leaves my hair soft and shiny. I wouldn't buy it, because I don't think it does more for my hair than plain coconut oil (and it's main ingredient is coconut oil) but I really did enjoy this oil. 


  1. Now, this is a challenge I should jump in on!! Hope you won't mind if I start this challenge on my blog sometime later.....as I'm currently not using too many products with my weave!!


    1. Go for it! It's good to take a break from buying and focus on using up things. You find out what really works and what you don't need.


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