Childhood vs. Adulthood

Often adults lament about the responsibility of adulthood. We encourage children to enjoy their youth, and warn them that they shouldn't want to grow up so fast. While there are things I do miss about childhood, I enjoy my life and being an adult. 

I miss...
Not having bills
Not having monthly menstruation
My grandmother's cooking*
Seeing my childhood home as a place of relaxation*
Not worrying about what I eat
Not having loved ones who are no longer alive

I enjoy...
Being able to buy what I want
Having drinks with friends
"Adult bedroom cardio" ;-)
Unlimited or monitored internet access 
Being able to plan and go on trips when I want
Being able to buy meaningful presents for others
Complete control of my daily activities
Having long histories and memories with family and friends

*These things are more a result of my grandma's current state of health than of me growing older. But I guess aging of our elders is also a part of growing older.  

What do you miss about childhood?
What do you enjoy about adulthood?


  1. I miss EVERYTHING about being a kid. Adulthood sucks!

    1. LOL. But, what about your ability to get any make-up or hair products that your heart desires? You couldn't do that as a kid :-P

  2. I miss the "rush" of a new school year beginning. Shopping for new clothes, books & supplies. Selecting a new boy/man to crush on. And, learning new information. I still enjoy doing the first & last as an adult.

    "Adult bedroom cardio" ...Ha! Nicely put LaNeshe.

    1. I miss the beginning of the school year too! I coveted picking out my school supplies and planner for the year.

  3. i miss being able to drink milk without the repercussions. i used to LOVE eating cereal and ice cream. can't eat those things anymore. don't know when my body started rejecting dairy products. that part sucks.
    what i love about adulthood is everything. from personal freedom to motherhood to everything in between! :)

  4. I definitely miss being carefree, and not stressing about responsibilities. Oh, and all that energy that you have as a kid.


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