My Barbie Story

I have a lot of Barbies. I haven't counted them in years, but I'd say upwards of 50. Barbies were my present of choice as a child for birthdays and Christmases. I also received a Barbie for each A I received on my report card on many occasions. 

I took very good care of my Barbies. I brushed their hair. I changed their clothes often (I didn't care for Barbie shoes though, they never seemed to stay on). I had white Barbies, Black Barbies, Barbies in wheelchairs, Barbies that could scuba dive, soft Barbies meant for sleeping with, male barbies, short Barbies, toddler Barbies, baby Barbies. You name it, I had it. I'd play Barbies for hours right up until my early adolescence. 

When I grew up and left for college, I left a lot of Barbies behind. Barbies in very good condition still on the shelves I'd kept them on when I wasn't playing with. My grandfather, knowing how much I cherished my Barbies growing up, created a safety system to keep my younger cousins/nieces from playing with my Barbies: 

Those are my Barbies. Safely tucked away behind 2x4s and chicken wire. There is also a padlock that is not visible lol. 

Reason #20327598347587 why I love my Grandfather and he is the absolute best. Remind me to tell you the story of how he probably invented the Frisbee. 

I also have a few specialty Barbies that are still in their boxes. One of them is a Rapunzel, which I did a quick Google search and found it's going for $60 on Ebay. I'll hold on to it a bit longer. Think one day I could get $600 for it? ;-)


  1. That's neat. I can't say there's anything I've held into like that except journals. I have stacks of old journals on a shelf in my old room.

    My adult collecting consists of tea cups/pots and other assorted paraphernalia.

  2. that is absolutely adorable! great post!

  3. That is an amazing collection. I especially love the "safety system". I'm pretty sure that Rapunzel Barbie will be worth a good amount several years from now. :-)

  4. Very cool, especially that safety system! Did you ever consider selling the entire collection? Would be interested to hear the Frisbee story!

    1. Thank you for the reminder! I need to tell that Frisbee tale lol. I've never thought about selling the whole collection. There are a few I'll probably keep for my future daughter and some I might try to sell at some point.


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