Big Girls and Crop Tops

On my 30 Before 30 list is the item "Wear a crop top in public." One of my thinner friends who wears crop tops often asked "What are you waiting for?"

For me, wearing a crop top is linked to me losing weight. Why?

This weekend at a bar there was a small waisted woman with a video vixen derrière wearing Aztec leggings and a crop top. The women looked at her with accolades and the men with obvious desire. It was pretty clear from the way people looked at her that they found her outfit and physique impressive and attractive. 

This weekend at the bar there was also a heavier woman, with more width in her booty, wearing aztec leggings and a crop top. The men and women both looked at her like a joke, with an air of "she's too big to be wearing that" in their eyes. 

Both of the women were confident in their outfits, out having a good time with their friends. To me, they both looked great. But one received approving looks, while the other received looks of jest. 

That's what I'm waiting for. To have a publicly-accepted-crop-top-wearing-mid-section. Which is sad. 

My self-consciousness wouldn't let me wear a crop top how my stomach is now. Even if I felt 100% confident, I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself seeing stares and hearing whispers. 

But there are women. I don't even want to say brave, because it shouldn't require braveness to wear what you want, but in today's society, it is brave. There are women, bigger women, women who don't have publicly-accepted-crop-top-wearing-mid-sections, who rock them, and are gorgeous:


  1. I'm not sure I have the right mentality for a crop top. I'd worry too much about how ridiculous I'd look in it to try pulling it off.

  2. I takes A LOT of confidence to wear one of those tops. I'm not particularly big but I still can't with my flubber haha. I take my hats off to those ladies.

  3. if it looks good, wear it! no matter what size you are. i personally don't feel comfy in them because i'm older and i'm not trying to wear my daughter's clothes. but i like the look on all three of those ladies.

  4. I'm with CC on this.
    I am what people consider thin, but I don't think I'm stylish enough to sport something like that. I'd feel like I was trying too hard to be cool or hot or something.

  5. I agree with ChickPool in if it looks good, go for it. I'd only add...and do a blog post! Lol I wanna see. :) I think it is a comfort thing too. If you don't feel totally comfortable yet, maybe hold off until you do?

  6. I feel like alot of women ("big or small") will relate to everything you just wrote. how many of these thin girls wear crop tops? and how many large women? not many of either in my experience (Ok so I'm leaving high schoolers out of the equation just this once). I truly believe its a confidence thing across the board.
    My thoughts: if you want to wear the crop top because you love the style, free great, looks good, then DO IT!! :D

    The super rude trash talkers need to learn some manners. I'm sure she looked amazing!!

    I have to add, that first picture is probably one of the classiest use of the crop top I've seen yet.

    I'm also in total agreement with all posters above! :)

  7. Thank you all for your comments! I think confidence is a big part of it. Who knows, 2014 may be the year of LaNeshe in crop tops lol

  8. I am not ready for it. Thanks for the sweet comment:-)

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