Getting Rid of Waste

We know how the body works. When we eat right, all the plumbing works accordingly. Our body absorbs what it needs, and gets rid of what it doesn't need via toilet time. When we haven't eaten right, our bodies get...stopped up. We feel horrible, agitated, and eating is less desirable. The same thing applies to life. 

We have to get rid of the waste. 

When we have too much junk in our lives (commitments we don't want to be committed to, people who drain us, baggage from the past we haven't let go of, etc.), life gets stopped up. It isn't fun. There is no room for what we really want and need because all the junk is clogging up our life. 

Get rid of one piece of junk today. Release the waste, and make room or something you've been hoping for. 


  1. Good advice. My life is at a strange place right now. I'm not even sure what to dump.

  2. So true! Great post! I know a few things in my life that I've been holding onto and need to let go of.

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