Complete 30 Before 30 List

Alright, I've done it! I have completed the MAKING of my 30 Before 30 List! Now, full speed ahead to crossing things off: 

1. Pick fruit at an orchard  Completed Fall 2016 (if you consider pumpkin a fruit lol)
2. Elaborately decorate a pumpkin for my porch
3. Zip line
4. Horse-back ride
5. Visit my best friend from high school in Massachusetts
6. Grow something edible in my garden
7. Spend 30 days developing a good habit
8. Wear a crop top, in public
9. Host a dress up dinner party
10. Take a graphic design class
11. Meet a blogger I haven't met yet - COMPLETE 11/8/13! I met the lovely Lorelei of Suggestivetongue
12. Get my license COMPLETE 2/25/16
13. Visit a restaurant from Diners Drive-ins and Dives
14. Play a home game of Chopped
15. Make a really decorative cake or cupcakes
16. Go shopping and recreate a whole outfit I found on Pinterest
17. Become a paper towel-less household
18. Play a video game until sunrise then go to sleep
19. Complete a juice cleanse
20. Have a pottery party
21. Make a vision board Completed 1/1/14
22. Have a professional photoshoot with friends
23. Dress my dog up for Halloween
24. Have a Halloween costume with extensive makeup.
25. Journal every day for a month
26. Go to a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York
27. Go to Philly's Thanksgiving Parade
28. Volunteer somewhere
29. Have blowup Christmas decorations in my yard
30. Try a manicure with pointy nails Completed 12/30/13
31. Blog every day for 30 days


  1. I've visited a restaurant that aired on Diners Divei-ins and Dives. It was a great place with awesome food in Tennessee.

    I'm working on crossing things off my list. It's a slow trek.

  2. There's a few places around here where you can zip line, and well, it's kind of on the way up to MA to visit your friends. Just sayin'.

  3. I totally misread the first line- I thought you had FINISHED your 30 Before 30! I was about to be completely floored. XD

  4. Whoohooooo! I'm going to have to make a similar list now! I love a good excuse for a list.

  5. I so wanna go to the Macy's parade as an adult, and dress up for Halloween, and host a fancy party! hahah the list goes on.Keep us posted on ow you do.


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