Birthday Wishes - The Big 28

Christmas is not about presents, but Birthdays are! lol. I am 10 days away from my 28th birthday and I am very excited. I don't feel any dread about getting older. I love it. I love gaining more life with each year. More memories, more accomplishments, it's great. There is no point in lamenting over aging. We start aging as soon as we're born. Embrace it!

Here's what I've got my eye on for this upcoming birthday:

1. Inspirational Arm Candies set from Royal Couture Inc - $24.99
I always admire women who can pull off the mixed-match bracelet look so effortlessly. I just don't know how to combine my bracelets effectively, so I figured a set of already matched bracelets would do the trick. 

2.  Clairsonic Mia Skin Cleansing System from Sephora - $125
I got my grandmother a different brand but similar face cleansing brush for Christmas and immediately wondered why I didn't get one from myself as well. All the reviews I've read say the Clairsonic does wonders for clearing the skin and evening out the complexion. 

3. Rachael Ray Stoneware 3-pc. Bubble & Brown Baker Set: - $89.95
I buy a lot of those disposable aluminum baking tins from the grocery store. For the sake of the environment and my bank account, I think it's time I upgrade to some presentable baking dishes. These are great because they look nice enough to serve in as well as bake in. 

4. Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser from Think Geek - $19.99
Hubs and I love Doctor Who. We plan on having a Doctor Who themed nursery. We have Doctor Who themed Christmas ornaments. The more Doctor Who, the better. I recently received my first tin of loose tea and have been slacking on getting a tea infuser. Mine as well make it a Doctor Who Tardis tea infuser! 

5. Capricorn print by Precious Henshaw - $16
Precious is a blogger and "maker" with a shop on Etsy. As she was creating her zodiac series I patiently waited for her Capricorn print to come out and I was not disappointed. She has prints for every sign, check her out! 


  1. Happy early birthday! :)

    Those bracelets are amazing! And that tea infuser? Excuse me while I add it to my list of To Purchase items.

    1. And I was just reading an article about how the material tea bags are made out of can be toxic, so I'm definitely trying to make a switch to loose tea!

  2. I love the tea infuser, but not sure if I'd spend $20 on it. I'll stick to the hand me down from my mom..

  3. Love those bracelets! And the price is really good too. Capricorn huh? Good people! :)

  4. Let me know how the Clairsonic works! I have such horrible breakouts and I think I may need to invest in one!

  5. I want to get you something, but how do I know which you're going to get already?! :]

    1. I don't know! lol. I'll have to do a post-birthday recap so you know what I got :-P


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