Parenting in a Pandemic

Let’s talk about being a parent during a pandemic.

I’m not bored. I’m exhausted. I don’t connect with the people grasping for something to do. I don’t know about all parents, but as a parent who works from home and has a child who was formerly in a pre-k program I don’t have additional time on my hands. It feels like I have less time now, because I do. I’m somehow supposed to do work while simultaneously teaching, entertaining, and feeding (3 meals and two snacks) my daughter. My work hours are now any brief moments of time when I’m not tending to her. And those brief moments of time not only hold my work responsibilities, but also my own self-care and time with my husband. Not to mention the swaths of time when I just can’t do anything because I’m overwhelmed by the threat of the virus and the possibility of our future looking like The Walking Dead minus the zombies.

With all that said, this isn’t a bad time. When I’m not trying to balance things or thinking about future bread lines marked with 6 foot spaces between each spot, I know that I’m getting stolen time with my daughter. I’m getting to spend time with her and see her grow in a way that just wasn’t our lives before. She is SOOOO funny, imaginative, smart, and silly, and a genuinely good person. She loves draw-by-numbers worksheets and pretending she’s recording YouTube videos. She has to be my top priority right now. She’s going through something extreme too. She misses school and her friends and the playground. When this is all done and we’re in the New World™️ I want her to have some fond memories of this strange time.

One thing she's been doing during this time is watching my old vlogs so she wanted to record a new one. Here's a Pandemic Car Vlog from the end of March when we went out to retrieve some medication and WINE.

How are YOU doing? Really, how are you doing?



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