Top Two "Drunk In Love" Covers

Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," you either hate it or love it... or used to love it but now hate it, and pretty much all of us have had it stuck in our head a time or two. It boasts some of Beyonce's raunchiest lyrics and has made "serfbort" a word used in common conversation. 

While I'm pretty much over hearing/seeing the Beyonce version of the song, I've seen some AMAZING covers on YouTube that I wanted to share. 

1. This four male version with guitar accompaniment is just awesome. I may like it more than the original. And these fellas aren't bad on the eyes either ;-) The group's name is FOURTUNATE, you can follow them on Facebook HERE

2. This version also features just guitar accompaniment and it's so beautiful. This one is from singer/songwriter Katrina Bello.


Heard any good covers lately? 


  1. Not of B, but the band Boyce Avenue does excellent covers of other well known songs. They're pretty popular now, but still worth listening to.

    I'm not super into Queen B. She has a few songs I really like, but I'm not going out of my way to listen to her. This song isn't one on my radar.

  2. Hey Laneshe! Ok, don't laugh, but my husband played a version of some young lady on YouTube who was high as a kite, but sounded sooooo good! She needs to focus more on her singing and less on getting high. I mean she could blow! But sadly she was smoking a j**nt while singing the song. I kid you not! I just shook my head!

    Crisa (frmrly Chickpool)


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