17 Week Pregnancy Update/Survey

What fruit/vegetable are you?: Baby is about 5 inches long, the size of an onion

Due date:  October 1, but I think I'm just going to start saying the first week of October, because due dates are rarely when the baby comes. 

How far along:  17 weeks

Next appointment:  Check-up this coming Monday, but the appointment you really want to know about is the gender appointment, which is May 14th. 

Maternity clothes:  Yea, maternity pants have the extra space in the tummy that is super comfortable. Also, dresses are the bomb, and I'm pretty much only in a t-shirt and underwear when I'm home now. Comfort is key. 
Sleep: I had like a week where I was ALMOST back to sleeping normally, but now this week I'm back to like 5 bathroom trips a night. Sigh. 

Food cravings:  I don't really crave anything. My appetite is very weird though. I can be starving, and there will be nothing in the world I can think of that I want to eat. Other times, I'll see or hear the name of a food and need it immediately. But no one prevailing craving. 

Symptoms:  Having to pee what feels like all the time. Tiredness. But overall, these 17 weeks have not been horrible at all. I feel super fortunate. 

Movement:  None yet. I can't wait! Well actually, I can, I'm not rushing anything. 
What I miss:  The ability to sleep through the night, and the ability to have the occasional drink. 

What I'm loving:  The thought of growing the future inside my body. It's pretty cool. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Knowing the gender and feeling movement! 


  1. Sleep is far off lol glad things are goingoverall smoothly! I'm 9 wks and i hear you feel second baby faster which im excited about and not in a rush at the same cause the joyous occasion kicks your butt esp feet in the ribs!

  2. 17 weeks already. The first week of October will be here before you know it. You look beautiful, all glowing and stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ok you're doing great! That pee thing is no joke though. That was probably the worst part for me. Otherwise, enjoy your little Libra when he or she arrives. My hubby is a Libra. They are so calm and cool. Happy for ya!


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