36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

36 weeks. According to what app/book you go by, I'll be full term in one week! That is pretty crazy to think about. 


I think we've bought everything we need to buy. If it isn't already in our house, it's on its way. Quite frankly, I am TIRED OF SHOPPING. If I don't have to buy another thing for a while it'll be too soon lol. Once we get the crib and set it up I'll share some pictures of the whole nursery. We've completed childbirth classes so I think we're as ready as we're gonna be for labor and delivery. 


I had to take my wedding rings off last week. I'm glad Hubs recommended I do it when he did because it was a bit painful getting them off so I did it before they would have gotten stuck on these swollen fingers! So now I'm wearing this costume jewelry ring that does the job of signifying I'm a married woman lol. Speaking of swelling, ankles and feet are in on the swelling party as well. I'm pretty much as uncomfortable as you would expect a woman to be who is going to have a baby some time in the next  four weeks, but I've had no pains that are signs of labor. 


I seem to always be in some state of flux between "OMG so excited gonna have a baby!" and "Who in the world told me I could take care of another human?!"

How's life treating YOU?
Is the Fall bringing you anything exciting?


  1. I think you'll do great. I'm very excited for you also! And (because I tell you this every time) you look so adorable!

    Not much on my end. Working and squeezing in vacations. :)

  2. Well, any day now. Seems like time went by fast. Well maybe not for you because you've been going through all of the changes. At this stage for me when I was preggers, my feet swole up almost overnight, my nose and cheeks blew up. I was a sight! Lol! Everything was cool until my last month. You look great though! Lucky!

    1. My feet and ankles right now...sigh...they are a sight to see for sure lol. In the home stretch now, any day now!


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