Why you should get pregnant in January

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why you should get pregnant in January

My husband and I are avid planners. There aren't many decisions we make that aren't planned out and we have spreadsheets for most parts of our lives. When we decided to have a child we aimed to knock me up at the beginning of the year. I purposely got pregnant in January. Starting your pregnancy in January means: 

You'll be the most pregnant in summer.  

On the surface this sounds like a horrible thing, but being the biggest in the summer means spending way less money on maternity clothes than you would in the winter. Maternity clothes are expensive, and the more fabric you need to clothe yourself, the more expensive they're going to be. There is no need to buy maternity outerwear or sweaters when you're pregnant in the summer. I was able to stretch many of my summer dresses into maternity dresses. Also, flip flops. By the end of my pregnancy the only shoes I could fit were my Nike flip flops, I don't know what I would have done if I needed to wear closed shoes. 

You'll start breastfeeding in colder months. 

This is going to come in handy because you can get away with draped and heavy fabrics in the cooler months which can help you cover up while feeding if needed, and hide those wacky breast pads or surprise leaks.

You'll still be bundled up while you lose the baby weight. 

 I was glad to have a few months before I had to be in a tank top again. The fall/winter months gave me a chance to shed some of the baby weight before less clothes and thinner fabrics were a must. 

No matter what month you get pregnant in, you get a baby at the end, and that is spectacular. 

When did you get pregnant? What were the advantages of the time frame?


  1. Valid when stated like this. Haha. A fall/winter pregnacy would be ideal for these reasons.

    1. Just for the savings on maternity clothes alone! lol

    2. These are all really good points I hadn't thought of...Maternity clothes alone will be a bundle of savings!

  2. Awww I love baby yawns too :-). How cute!

  3. I never thought about it, but your post makes a lot of sense. I'm not ready yet, but when it's time I'm defiantly going to shoot for a January pregnancy.

  4. Not to change the subject, but I just noticed that pic of Sage and Maxine to the right of your page. Absolutely adorable! Look at you two Momma's! If Brittany still remembers me, tell her I said hello. I would comment on her page, but I'm old and don't know how to comment on Word Press. Lol!

  5. How cute that you can just plan when you get pregnant.


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