Sage Head Wear

I have TONS of photos of Sage on my phone. TONS. I really have a thing with hats on babies. I love hats on babies. Double the points if the hats have ears. Triple the points if the hats have ears and some sort of face lol. 

Here are some of my favorites pieces of Sage head wear: 

This is my favorite hoodie that she owns. I call it her "Louise" hoodie because it reminds me of Louise from Bob's Burgers. 

This is probably my second favorite hat. It's just so cute. 

I believe this is the only bow she's ever worn. I just received some more bows and barrets, so you'll be seeing those soon. 

I can already tell she won't be able to wear this snowsuit next winter. Luckily I got this picture of her in the cute little hood this year. 

This Hello Kitty hat is a recent acquisition. 

This adorable wrap is from Mama and Me Wraps. We have matching ones: 


As much as I'm sure you LOVE Sage photos, I'd like to write some more substantial posts but I've been having Bloggers Block. Please let me know if you have any blog topics or questions you'd like me to answer. 



  1. Oh my gosh, these photos are adorable - & the matching wraps! I wouldn't object to more Sage-hat-photo posts if the Blogger's Block continues. :)

  2. My original post was eaten. 😢. Very cute! Topic: how's your hair and how is work?

    1. Why does my blog always troll you when you try to comment?! Good topics, thank you!


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