The Beauty of Disconnecting

I've been thinking lately about the need for an app that can let people know on every digital medium I can be reached, that I am unavailable. Something that could with one button tell everyone on all four of my email addresses, Facebook messenger, Text message, phone calls, etc. that I am currently disconnected. I live a life that often requires that I be reached mornings, nights, and weekends. That is fine, I'm involved in a lot of things that require various people be able to reach me, but at times I just want to completely disconnect. 

I had many plans for today. This is my last free Saturday until August 29th as I have a few things going on and rehearsals for an all Black presentation of Othello I am producing and acting in (if you're in Philly, mark your calendar!) I wanted to do housework, among other things. We ended up spending the day at a friend's home and hanging in their pool most of the day. It was amazing, and just what I needed. 

After those pictures were taken Hubs got in the pool too and we all hung out, completely disconnected, and it was amazing. Where I usually would have been often checking my phone for e-mails and messages, I just relaxed and enjoyed myself. I was too far away to even see my phone lighting up, and didn't care to check it. Four adults, three children, and two dogs, just enjoying each other's company for a few hours. I immensely enjoyed that period of disconnection. 

Things happened while I was in pool mode, there are a few things I need to handle now that I'm settled home this Saturday evening, but the world didn't fall apart while I was away. I need to disconnect more often. 

P.S. - It was Sage's first time in the pool and she dug it. We got this baby float, which was nice because she could float around by herself and we didn't have to hold her the whole time. It also has a shade part but we didn't use it because we were under the shade of trees.

When is the last time you disconnected?


  1. I tend to disconnect often, but I'm thinking about how I can do so in more ways. I've almost wanted to delete my accounts, but I realize that I interact and keep up with blogs on some of the networks, like IG, and I would have to start all over if I were to delete my account.

    The last time I disconnected was right before I closed on my home a week ago. It was for about a month -- I needed that time to focus, to fast.. yanno? I'm thinking about doing another disconnect in September after labor day. I'm not exactly sure. I don't usually plan for it, I just do it as needed. And I never regret doing so..

    1. oh, and that's an awesome idea for an app.

    2. Absolutely, some time you just need to focus on real life things and disconnect from technology. I have a trip to Virginia Beach in a couple weeks that I intend to utilize for a nice disconnection!


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