Pinterest Recipes I've Actually Tried: Part 3

Soy Ginger Chicken - 3.5 Stars

While this was tasty, the marinade didn't really penetrate the chicken beyond the surface, and I let it marinate for a whole day. (If anyone knows and trick to make the marinade absorb better let me know!) Because of the sugar it also stuck on the grill, but it was good. 

Green Bean Fries - 5 stars

These are by no means a substitute for actual french fries, but these were DELICIOUS. The best green beans I've ever tasted. I actually went back for a second helping!

This was a 100% hit. Tim and Sage both loved it. It cooks in one pot, which means there is only one pot to wash. Win-win-win. 

Chia Pudding - 1 Star

This just didn't work for me. The texture and taste were a complete miss. Perhaps I'd like it better with less liquid so that it's a thicker pudding, and with more sweetness added in to flavor it. For now, I'll stick to getting my chia seeds in via my smoothies. 

I used to be afraid of chicken thighs because I didn't know what to do with them. This recipe has completely changed that. Baked crispy chicken thighs are now my go to chicken recipe. The chicken comes out crispy on the top and the bottom, without being fried, using just olive oil. It's amazing. 

What's the last great (or horrible) recipe you tried?


  1. I've never really used Pinterest, in part because everything seems to be posted by people who are, like, way too suspiciously good at the world, & I assume I will not be able to replicate their success. So I like hearing from real people who I trust about recipes that work for them, & then I usually go from there. I'm going to add a couple of these to my list!

    1. I totally get you! I stay far away from Pinterest crafts because I just don't believe I can replicate their results lol. Glad you liked some of the recipes!

  2. I love this series! Great idea!

  3. I love this! I get afraid when trying new recipes on Pinterest because looks can be deceiving. I need to try those chicken thighs though! They look delish!


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