Summer Vacation

This past week has been pretty amazing. Last week was our daycare provider's summer vacation/maternity leave so I had BabyCakes with me at work. At first it was slightly overwhelming to have Sage 24/7 while also trying to keep up with work. Kudos to full time work at home moms!

She wanted to type on my keyboard, so I gave her her own on my chest so I could use mine for, you know, work lol
But as the days went on it was such a blessing to have so much quality time with my daughter. I feel like in just a week I saw her grow so much. She's playing peek-a-boo, starting to wave, mimicking facial expressions and sounds.

We just returned from our summer vacation to Virginia Beach which was her first time flying and her first time at the beach! The trip went so well, despite our unwarranted first time parent anxiety. She slept most of the flights and loved the beach.  She ate sand, and had a grand old time.
Chillen in the back row with her Dad. 

For me now it's basically Fall. I have no other summer activities planned and I'm feeling very refreshed and ready for a new season following our vacation. Although it's HOT and we won't be seeing any Fall weather for at least a month, my mental state is renewed and ready!

How's your Summer treating you? Are you ready for Fall?

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  1. "She ate sand, and had a grand old time." Hahaha. This kid is too damn cute. You made a good one! ;)


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