Four Ways Life is Like Giving Birth

One of the most important things I learned in my birth class was to take labor one contraction at a time. Labor is hard, contractions are tough. When you focus on just getting through your current contraction it's a manageable process. If all you can think of is "When will this be over?" you will be miserable. Tackling each micro goal is the most pleasant way to make it through the process. The same applies to life. You have to focus and handle each hurdle that comes. Being weighed down by all the steps ahead of you at once is not helpful, and can stall your progress.

Four Ways Giving Birth is Like Life

It feels like you're getting nowhere. During the journey it can feel like you are making no progress, but you are. Each contraction, each tough step, is a step forward.

It's going to happen whether you like it or not. Once you are full term and in labor you are going to birth a baby and there is nothing you can do about it. Life will have its trials and tribulations. You can't stop that. Embrace them, work through them, conquer them, don't let them defeat you, because they are going to come no matter what. 

It's the hardest right before the reward. The contractions get harder and closer together the closer you are to bringing your baby earth side. The closer you are to reaching your goals the harder life is likely to be, but the reward is coming!

The end goal is the greatest motivation. Nothing keeps you moving forward in labor like the fact that you are about to meet the child you've been growing inside of you for more than half a year. When you are close to reaching your goals, you have to use that as fuel to push through until you birth your destiny.

Take life one contraction at a time. 

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