Friday Favorites 10.2.15

NATIONAL COFFEE DAY: My coworkers and I have been brewing coffee in the office instead of buying coffee in coffee shops and that has been great for my wallet as I'm saving money on take-out coffee. The picture above is one we took in the office for National Coffee Day on Tuesday. 

SUSHI AND WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT COOKIES: These are the two greatest things I've eaten this week. If you are in Philly, Tiffany's bakery in the gallery has the best white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. They also have a great strawberry shortcake.  I would tell you where I got my sushi, but they were rude to me when I requested that they label each person's order (I was ordering for 5) so now they don't get my lovely free word of mouth advertising lol. 

#MorningMotivation: On My Twitter I've started posting a motivational picture each day. It helps me set the tone for my day, and hopefully it inspires others. 

PLAY YARD: We got this play yard and it has made life a lot easier. I can put BabyCakes in it with all her toys and know that she can play safely without getting into anything while I cook, clean, run upstairs, let the dog out, etc. Prior to this we were blocking the stairs and doorways with footstools. This is a much better solution. Here is a vlog from the day we picked up the play yard during our Popecation last weekend: 

I'm trying to begin a practice of being more thankful and mindful of all that is good in my life, even the little things. I am so very blessed, both big and small. My Friday Favorites series is dedicated to the small things that make my life happy.

What was your favorite thing about this week?


  1. Ahhhh I love sushi!! I wish they had been more accommodating so that you could have shared a new location with me. I hope the food was at least good!

  2. Those cookies sounds amazing, must try them! Favorite thing about last week was just being home with my family after working a conference in the west coast.


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