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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Baby Hair and Body Care (w/ eczema)


BabyCakes has eczema. Because of this I have to be particular about her body care. I have to use products with good ingredients and little fragrance. I wash her clothes in fragrance free Tide or All detergent. She gets a bath once - twice a week with Shea Moisture Fragrance Free Baby Extra-Mild Wash & Shampoo. I moisturize her morning and night with either Shea Moisture Baby Eczema Therapy or Char's Creations Whipped Shea Body Butter from Etsy. 

Because she has eczema I use cream based moisturizers. Water based lotions (those whose first ingredient is water) are pretty useless. It's imperative to seal moisture into her skin so right after her bath or in between baths when I wipe her down with a wash cloth, I apply the creams. She also has a low dose prescription steroid cream for when she has a really bad flare up. I do my best to go about treating her skin all naturally, but her eczema is hereditary, and there are some seasons that make her really dry so we use the steroid cream sparingly when her skin gets to the point that I can tell the itching is making her uncomfortable. 


I wash her hair once a week while she's in the bathtub. I shampoo with the Shea Moisture shampoo and wash I mentioned above. I use Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler on wet hair to detangle her hair and as her leave in conditioner. She doesn't need any moisturizer between washes at this point. Her regimen is super simple. For styling I usually just let her rock a curly fro. Occasionally she'll wear a headband or bow. I've also experimented with some ponytails, and a baby faux-hawk.  



  1. She is so cute! What are your thoughts about the over the counter eczema creams?

    1. Thank you! The key to a good cream is NOT being water based. A lot of the over the counter creams are regular lotions with the eczema label put on them. You have to read ingredients. Shea butter based creams have worked great for us.

  2. We have eczema issues here, too. I'm looking forward to trying these!

    1. I'm lucky she has a mild case. I hate to see her all itchy! Let me know how they work for you.


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