Best and Hardest Moments of Parenting: Year One

best and hardest parenting moments year one
5 Days Old

BabyCakes is almost 13 months old. You always hear that time flies when you have a child and that they grow up so fast. That is absolutely true. Now that we're past the first year I thought I'd share some of the best and hardest moments from our first year as parents.

() Hardest

Her first diaper rash. We've been fortunate to not have many diaper rash situations but that first one put me into a full emotional breakdown. It wasn't even the worst one she's had. That first one I was a fledgling new parent of only about 3 weeks and I felt like I had failed my daughter and let her get a diaper rash. Did I not change her often enough? Did I eat something that made her urine too acidic? Did I not wash the diapers well enough? At the end of the day it wasn't a big deal at all, but everything seems high stakes when you first have your child and every decision feels like it has to be the perfect one or the world will fall apart. That isn't true. As a new parent you are completely capable of making good decisions for your family, and adjusting if your first decision doesn't work out the way you hoped. 

The family stomach bug of Spring 2015. You know whats hard? Stressing over a baby with a stomach bug, caring for a baby with a stomach bug, caring for a husband with that stomach bug, and feeling queasy yourself, all at the same time. Thank God we made it through that and I wasn't badly effected by the bug so I could hold down the fort. When you really need it, don't be afraid to tap your network for help. Thanks again to Ciara for bringing over diapers and Lisa for bringing over ginger-ale, Gatorade, crackers, soup and Lysol! 

Two Months Old

() Best

Nursing. I really loved nursing. I loved looking at her little face looking up at me while she ate. There is something so empowering and nurturing in providing your child sustenance from your body. I felt like a super woman with the power to make her happy and put her to sleep all within me. 

Mommy/Daughter Naps. Early on the only time I could really "sleep while baby sleeps" during the day was if she was sleeping on my chest or in my arms. I couldn't move, so I'd take that opportunity to catch some shut eye myself. I miss being able to hold her while she slept on my chest.

Don't rush the time when they entirely depend on you. Don't wish you could put them down so you could clean. Don't get annoyed by their clinginess, because it really will be gone before you know it. 

Milestones. Every one of them. Sitting up, smiling, standing, eating, clapping, playing peek-a-boo, waving, high fives. I don't know at what point we stop being amazed by this little bundle of sunlight. I love to see her explore the world and learn new things. 

Parenting is awesome, and confusing, and stressful, and fun, and amazing.

What's been one of your best (or hardest) parenting moments thus far?


  1. Your little bundle of joy is gorgeous! I appreciated this candid snapshot of what parenting is. Can't wait to join the ranks one day!

    Shop Queen

  2. What a precious baby you have and I know she will bring you so much joy!

  3. She is beautiful, you are both beautiful together. I can't wait to be a parent (someday!)


  4. I'm so mad just wrote this long ass post and it didn't go through or save 😭

  5. So first I love your snapshot now that I'm a mom I enjoy these things so much. It's like an unofficial club you didn't realize you wanted to be a part of until you r a member.

    Best: seeing and hearing her for the first time, it was amazing... I thought I knew what love was but there is nothing like the love of being a mom. There is nothing like walking into the room and locking eyes with her and she smiles or coos... It's so exciting. It's so amazing.

    Hardest: stressing out and feeling guilty or like a bad mom. Deep down I know she's ok but some days I feel like I could've done better or I could've been more patient or not gotten frustrated. The bad moments are just that moments that last but minutes cause then I see her smile or she stares at me and I cry tears of joy cause her love makes all the bad irrelevant. Some days are harder than others but it's so amazing and so beautiful. ❤️

    1. It really is a whole different level of love!

  6. Oh my gosh, so cute and so very true!

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