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When it comes to optimum body function you can't have it without working intentionally. I'm always on the hunt for tips, tricks, and nutrition to help me function at my highest ability, so when I was contacted by UBERA about their supplement for heart and brain health I was intrigued.

We all know the heart and brain are our greatest assets. They allow us to engage in life and give us the energy and focus we need to keep up with the everyday, and my everyday requires a lot of focus: work, toddler chasing, keeping home, and numerous side projects. 

The heart and the brain work together to keep us running. That’s the whole idea behind UBERA. It’s an innovative, herbal formulation that supports BOTH heart health and brain function from the ground up.

UBERA (pronounced “oo-BEAR-ah”) is a unique blend of 3 of the oldest known herbs - Hawthorn, Ginkgo, and Kudzu all in one capsule. These herbs are used to support blood flow and sharpen the mind/improve memory. UBERA is all natural and made in the USA.

I started UBERA last Friday and got to test it out over a very busy period of meetings, deadlines to be met,and events. Despite having one of these days include a board meeting, a film project meeting, and a natural hair event, I was able to give good attention to all the tasks and all the people who needed my concentration.

I also saw an improvement in my focus while doing writing for my blog and some side projects. I was able to think a little deeper to get some good ideas and outlines for future work.

I don't get to nap often but usually I WANT to nap often. I've found myself with less tiredness and more drive to get tasks done without dreams of tucking myself in for an afternoon nap.

If you're looking for something to give you a mental boost, give UBERA a try.

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