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Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites 2/12/16

These winter weeks are hard. It's cold, and dark, and dreary. At least this weekend we have Valentine's Day to break-up the monotony and a three day weekend for President's Day. My week was filled with a lot of work, toddler shenanigans, and Beyonce. Here's a few things that have highlighted this week. 

Fitbit ChargeHR
About two week ago my Fitbit Flex died on me. I'd had it since Christmas 2015. It wouldn't sync, it wouldn't charge, it wouldn't respond. After trying all the troubleshooting tips on the Fitbit website I resigned that my Flex was just done. I was sad. I figured when I saved up some money I would get a new one and a newer model. Before I could even set a budget to get one my husband gave me an early Valentine's Day present of a FitBit Charge HR! I love it. This version monitors your heart rate as well as steps and calories. It also has an actual display to check your stats and the time. The coolest feature is that it has a caller ID! When someone calls their number/name show up right on my wrist.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips
There isn't much to say about ColourPop that I didn't list in my I Love ColourPop post, so check that out!

Stigma App
I've been looking for an emotion tracker app so I can see any patterns in my mood changes throughout each month, from month to month. I found Stigma and I love it. It's basically a short form journal app. Each entry can have up to 200 characters, and emotion descriptors are tagged so you can see your emotions in chart and graph form which is pretty cool. It also creates a word cloud based I the words you use frequently in your entries. You can keep your entries private or make them anonymous which allows people to see them if they are looking at an emotion that you've tagged in your post.

What are your favorite things from this week?


  1. I'll have to check out the emotions one. I tend to be a little up and down with my emotions so I'm definitely curious about that.

    1. It's really cool. I'm looking forward to looking back a month from now and compring my feelings.

  2. Love the Colour Pop Matte lip glosses! I have them in LAX and trap. Now if only I could find an easier way of taking it off at night lol

    1. Ha! Same here! The best thing I've found is using coconut oil.

  3. I'm going to look into that app! Sounds so cool.

  4. Very cool. That app sounds really awesome!


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