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Thursday, April 21, 2016

7 Apps that Keep My Life Together

My phone is an ultimate resource for me. Interestingly enough, the thing I do the least with my phone is actually talk on it. I don't talk on the phone very often, but there are several apps that I use daily to keep my life together.

Stigma. Stigma is a journaling app that allows for short form journaling through your phone. It also creates a mood cloud based on your entries showing you what you write about the most - which equates to what is troubling you the most, or making you happy. You can also set up notifications to remind you to journal. I really like being able to make quick journal entries about what I'm feeling and using the mood cloud to assess my emotional state. 

Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a list app. I love it because you can have shared lists, so Hubs and I can simultaneously add items to our grocery list. This is also helpful if we split up in the store, because we can see as the other person checks off items. Wunderlist also syncs across devices, so I can add things from my computer and see them on my phone, and vice versa.

Google Docs/Sheets. These two apps make for easy on-the-go access to my documents via my phone. I can see budgets, or work documents wherever I am.

Google Photos. Google Photos makes the list because it automatically backs up the photos on my phone. This allows me to delete photos from my phone's storage, but still be able to access them easily. Prior to using this back-up method I had so many photos on my phone I had to delete photos to be able to take new ones. Google Photos also has an Assistant function that reminds you to back up photos, automatically creates collages from similar photos, and shows you the photos you took a year ago on the current date. 

Kindle. The Kindle app is a great way to have your Kindle books with you all the time. Even if you have a Kindle you probably don't carry it around all the time. I love when I have unexpected downtime and I'm able to whip out my phone and continue reading a book. The reading quality is really good. You can manipulate the lighting and text size for what is most comfortable for your eyes.

Google Calendar. It is supremely important for me to be able to update and view my calendar on my phone and desktop. The synced Google calendar is perfect. And because I'm a Gmail user I get the added functionality of being able to add events from invitations I get via email, and things like flight and hotel reservations are automatically added to my calendar from receiving my email confirmations.

What apps can you not live without?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

1.5 Years As Momma

When I realized the other day that BabyCakes was 18 months old, and that 18 months was a year and a half I was taken aback. Somehow it doesn't seem like she's been with us that long, while simultaneously feeling like we've had her all along.

Her current vocabulary: milk, up, elbow, more, night night time, cheese, hot, thank you, uh oh, momma, and Caillou. She'll also repeat most words. She can point to her nose and ears when prompted. She loves being tickled. She sings along to songs (the introductions to Bernstein Bears and Caillou in particular). She also claps to songs. She shakes her head and says "no." She throws a mean tantrum. She likes to put her dolls in the highchair and feed them. When she gets excited she bounces and spins around in a circle.

She eats like a champ and has started to be able to spoon feed herself (I still have to load the spoon for her). She'll eat any protein or potato. Her favorite vegetable is collard greens. Her favorite toys are her little slide, a little toy oven and a toy seat set, and her Chica toy. She's not a cuddly kid at all, but she gives us occasional hugs and kisses, which we life for.

She can blow kisses.
She can draw (with some help from momma).
Her hair is so long at this point that I have to do it regularly.
Leaving it in her 'fro makes it tangled and it's always in her face.
Her smile and laugh make everything right with the world. Every day with her is so special. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

10 Comedies with Hilarious Leading Ladies

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a post published on SheKnows highlighting 10 women-led comedies worth binge watching.  I love a good comedy, and when that comedy has a super talented woman as the lead, I love it even more. These ladies are killing the comedy game, and most of them are writers and producers on their own shows.

1. Portlandia

The leading Portlandia duo is Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, who also created the series. It's a satirical sketch-comedy show that pokes fun at Portland culture. Armisen and Brownstein each play multiple amusing characters, including “Fred and Carrie,” whose relationship is based on Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and “Nina and Lance,” a couple completely steeped in stereotypical gender roles, except Fred plays Nina and Carrie plays Lance, which makes for very funny segments.

Where to watch: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox

2. Broad City

Originally a web series, Broad City, which stars and was created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, is a scripted show about two twentysomethings living life in New York City. The pair is always getting into sticky situations and adventures that lead them into bizarre entertaining situations, such as being accidently locked into the back of a moving truck or being stuck in a nightmare trip to the DMV for a new license photo.

Where to watch: Comedy Central website, Hulu

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The premise of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, starring and executive produced by Rachel Bloom, is that successful lawyer Rebecca picks up and moves from NYC to the West Coast to pursue her childhood sweetheart, but after upending her life, she’s faced with the reality that her love has a new girlfriend. The most hilarious part is the musical numbers they break into, such as “Sexy Getting Ready Song,” which pokes fun at the process women go through to prepare for dates.

Where to watch: Hulu

4. Another Period

This historical satire follows the lives of the obscenely rich Bellacourt family and their many servants in turn-of-the-century Rhode Island. Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome play the main Bellacourt sisters in a look at narcissistic aristocrats and the poor people who serve them. It’s basically a really funny and less realistic Downton Abbey.

Where to watch: Amazon, Comedy Central website

5. Inside Amy Schumer

If you like self-deprecating humor with a feminist bent, uncomfortable sex talk and charmingly inappropriate insights, Inside Amy Schumer — a combination of stand-up, sketches and wild interviews with people on the street and topic “experts” — is for you.

Where to watch: Hulu, Amazon


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Office Coffee Station Essentials

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #DunkinCreamers  #CollectiveBias

I've worked in the same office for almost 10 years. Somehow we didn't get the bright idea to start brewing our own coffee until less than a year ago! We enjoy surprising each other with different coffees and creamers. I can tell how someone's night went based on how big of a pot they brew the morning after ;-) An office coffee station is a great way for everyone to save money on take-out coffee, and a nice space to boost employee camaraderie.

Office Coffee Station Essentials: 

Ground Coffee, Coffee Filters and Coffee Maker: These are fundamental. You can't have coffee without a coffee maker, filters and coffee! Opt for a pot that can accommodate the size of your staff. Be sure to make note of any flavor profiles that your staff members are adverse to. Also have a designated scooping utensil to keep your measurements consistent from day to day.

Sweetener, Spoons and Creamer: I opt to put my sugar and plastic spoons in mason jars. If your mason jar has a canning jar lid add a few drops of glue to keep the lid in one piece. I currently have Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles stocked. They don't need to be refrigerated and you can enjoy the taste of Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer anywhere you'd like. They come in three flavors - Hazelnut, Caramel, and Vanilla. I'm currently digging the Vanilla flavor. To create your Dunkin' Donuts® experience right in your home pair the Coffee Creamer Singles with the Dunkin' K-Cups® made especially for the Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system.

Mugs: We choose to use mugs instead of paper cups to save on waste and money. 

Coffee Fund Jar: While some of the staff like going out and purchasing the coffee and creamer, others like to just chip in to the coffee fund. To encourage monetary participation create a pretty jar that stands out as part of your office coffee station. 

Take a clean dry mason jar and spray paint the outside of the jar. Spray paint it upside down to keep paint from dripping inside.

The lid for this particular jar was a regular lid, but if you have a canning jar lid you can use the glue trick mentioned above to seal the lid into one piece. To add some pizzazz to the jar, glue a knob to the lid to make it pop even more. You can spray paint your knob to match your jar.

With all your components together, you have created the ultimate work coffee station. Have your morning coffee fix in style.

I picked my Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles up at my local Walmart. In need of some extra creamy and extra flavorful coffee creamer? Grab your Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee Creamer Singles today.

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