Back to School Bags for Toddlers

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I have to admit I've been a little jealous seeing everyone's back to school posts of their children heading back to school. The pictures are so cute of the kids with their back to school signs and first day of school clothes. I decided to make one of my own since I am sending Hubs to 18th grade lol.

Even though BabyCakes isn't really going back to anywhere, she's been in daycare all summer, I thought it would be a cute idea to create back to school toddlers bags. These are great if you have older children and a toddler, so the toddler can join in the back to school excitement as well. These will also come in handy if you're doing back-to-school events with other moms who have older children but your little one is still in the toddler age, which is my case. The other kids will be getting bookbags with actual school supplies, but I put together a few fun things to entertain the toddlers in our gang. 

These are really simple to make and can really be catered to whatever your toddler is into. For mine I got some cute small drawstring backpacks and chose hair scrunchies, mess free marker activity books and playdough sets. 

Mess free markers are a toddler mom's BEST FRIEND. Babycakes gets to practice coloring but the markers don't transfer color to anything other than the special paper that comes with them. There's a number of full mess free marker coloring book sets available but for this case I chose the small booklets with just one marker. 


The little playdough sets I got are really cute. They come with three small containers with different color playdough, a little rolling pin, and cookie cutter like tools to cut out shapes in the playdough. 

Some other ideas to go in the bags are cups with your toddler's favorite character, a fresh toothbrush, small balls, bubbles, or bath toys. Just because our toddlers aren't actually going back to school doesn't mean they can't have a back to school bag of their own!


  1. I love this idea for toddlers. I think I'm going to make one for my little one!

  2. 18th grade and that pic get me every time 😂


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