Bed Upgrade for Less than $600

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Ya'll. I have a confession. Up until recently I was sleeping on a bed frame that my grandparents gave me for my first COLLEGE APARTMENT. I'll save you doing the math, that was 13 years ago!

Hubs and I haven't been sleeping well because of a number of inefficiencies in our bed situation. Besides the 13 year old bed frame we were also dealing with a box spring that was actually two box springs put together, and they slipped apart every time we sat down. On top of those two precarious box springs was a spring mattress over seven years old that you could visibly see the indentations of our bodies in. Needless to say, we desperately needed an upgrade. After a bunch of research, review reading, and price comparisons we have completely upgraded our bed and I am so happy with it.


For our mattress we opted for one of the foam mattresses that come in a box. Yes, the same type you probably hear advertised on your favorite podcast. But we didn't want to spend thousands of dollars so we chose the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress. It came rolled up on a box and it was pretty cool to see it expand. It was like magic. I really love having a memory foam mattress. It's such a different sensation from having a spring mattress. It doesn't have much give, it just absorbs your weight to support your body in just the right way. It also absorbs movement so we don't feel each other moving around in the bed nearly as much. 

I will note, BabyCakes was not happy with the new mattress. She thought it was "broken" because it doesn't offer the same bed jumping ability as the spring mattress did lol. 

King sized mattress all rolled up.


I knew going into our search that I wanted anything but dual box springs. I wanted one solid piece to support the mattress. We ended up ditching box springs all together and opted for the Zinus Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed. It's been so nice to have a headboard again. It's nice to be able to sit up in the bed when watching TV or using my laptop and not have my pillows slip down between the mattress and the wall. 


I was sent Overfilled Down Alternative Pillows complimentary from Wikibuy. We really like how firm they are and will probably buy a couple more. They have the feel I always like in hotel pillows. 

We are really happy with our new bed setup. The rest of the changes to the bedroom we'd like in the future are more cosmetic. I'd love to get a triptych to hang above the bed, and I'd really like to re-paint the room in the future. 

How are you sleeping?


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