Why I'm Loc'ing My 3 Year Old's Hair

little girl with locs

Both my husband and I have locs. I've been thinking about loc'ing BabyCake's hair for a few months now. My reservations were:

Starting them myself - my husband and I both got our locs started by an actual loctician even though I maintain both of our hair so I was worried about starting locs for the first time.

Getting bored with all our hair - I love having my locs, but I liked still being able to style and experiment with my daughter's loose natural hair.

Worrying about what other people would think - everyone loves BabyCakes big curly hair, so I hesitated with not wanting to disappoint other people.

So why did I ultimately decide to loc her hair?

little girl with locs

BabyCakes has been saying she wants locs like us - the combination of her vocalizing that she wants locs and imaging us a fully loc'd family was definitely a big factor.

Washing and styling her loose natural hair is very laborious - it's generally not a fun time for either of us. She mostly hates having her hair parted, which is no longer necessary with her locs.

It's only been two weeks since I put in the two-strand twists to start her locs but it's already a relief to know I don't have to fight to comb her hair. She also has a lot more freedom with her hair now. I don't have to be concerned about it tangling so she's gotten to wear it out much more often than when she had loose natural hair, and enjoys whipping it back and forth.

I'm looking forward to her experiencing her loc journey, and to seeing the fruits of my labor being the person who started her locs and will maintain them.


  1. Hi,
    I have locs myself and I'm seriously thinking about locing my 3 ye olds hair also...and have the same exact concerns you had..lol how is it so far?

    1. It has been GREAT! She's five now, and it has made styling so much simpler, and she loves her hair.


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