An Impromptu Homeschool Week

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My daughter recently switched schools. Her new school doesn’t prorate tuition and there was only one week left in March. We did not want to pay a full month's tuition for one week so it looked like I was going to be teacher mommy for a week! I really have to applaud full time homeschoolers and educators in general. It is not easy. Hanging out and doing activities on the weekend or after school is fine, there’s no pressure. But trying to fill her day being intentionally educational and solely responsible for her education, for even just a week, felt like so much pressure! It was a wild week, but also really nice to spend that time with my daughter. I knew she was smart, but she taught me so much more nuance in how much she knows over our homeschool week.

Here’s what our Impromptu Homeschool Week looked like:


  • Started the day with morning reading. I allowed her to pick any four books from her bookshelf that we took our time to read through. 
  • She did some free coloring
  • Took a trip to the pool


  • Big Pre-School Workbook
  • Popsicle Stick Sight Words. This one of my favorite activities to help get BabyCakes reading, an all it takes is popsicle sticks and a sharpie.
Popsicle Stick Sight Words

Big Pre-School Workbook


  • Practiced writing her name, with emphasis on working the letter 'S'
  • Big Pre-School Workbook
  • Logic games on her Fire Kids Tabletspecifically this really good Disney Frozen Ice Puzzles app. The games/puzzles really get you thinking logically. I found myself stumped for a minute on a few of them lol
parts of a flower worksheet


  • Puzzles
  • Math activities on the StoryBots website. StoryBots is her favorite show. We've watched the first two seasons all the way through at least 30 times lol. The show teaches great concepts, she's learned so much from it. Their website has AWESOME educational activities.


  • StoryBots website activities
  • Moana Yoga from Cosmic Kids on Youtube. If you have a mobile child and don't know about Cosmic Kids go check out her channel now!
  • Free coloring

These activities were interspersed with trips to the grocery story, time spent with her grandparents, etc. But I think I did a pretty good job of keeping her engaged for the week. I must have made a lasting impression during our Impromptu Homeschool Week because after school the kiddo still wants to do what she calls "Mommy School Worksheets" lol.

Let me know in the comments what you favorite activity is with your kiddo!



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