Fifteen Seconds of Summer Challenge

I’m excited to participate in Lashawn Wiltz’s #FifteenSecondsOfSummer challenge on my Instagram account. The basic concept is each day you post a 15 second video made up of small clips from throughout the day.

I’m really into short form video content as a way to document and share a bit of my day with people. We are often intimidated by video content because it feels like it has to be perfect. It doesn’t, and this certainly doesn’t. I’m looking forward to looking back at them over time. Here is one of my recent posts:

I’m postings the videos in IG Stories (almost) daily. I’ve also added a Highlight to IG Stories if you want to follow along!

This has been fun to do particularly because it makes me focus on my own content a few times a day. Being a freelance digital marketer I’m almost always focused on content for my clients or Theatre in the X. This is a lovely chance to put time into my own personal brand each day.


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