Five Ways to Stay Focused as a Freelancer with Green Mountain Coffee from Walmart

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I am a freelance theater producer and digital marketer. I lead a theater company with the mission of providing the people of West Philadelphia and the African American community at large the opportunity to see professional quality theater in their own neighborhood park for no cost. By removing the barriers of location and price the audience is able to experience theater that they possibly would not be able to access otherwise. As an actor and producer, I’ve seen first hand how hard it is for artists of color to get a chance to hone their talents and get meaningful performing opportunities, so in addition to providing content for African American audiences, we also provide opportunities for artists of color. I’ve been a part of this initiative for seven years and it is a chief way that I seek to do good in my community.

It is not always easy managing the demands of being a freelancer.

Here are my Five tips on staying focused as a freelancer:

Find a project management solution

You cannot stay focused if you don’t know what you should be working on. Whether it is a notebook, planner, or digital project management software, you need somewhere to record each client you have, tasks from that client, and the due date for those tasks. I like using a digital project management software that offers a calendar format because it allows me to sort by date and gives me a plan for each day, week, and month. Being able to see all your tasks laid out in a calendar allows you to truly see if you have the capacity to get all items done on deadline, and what tasks may need to be pushed to a later date.

Keep track of your hours and work on billable items first

Just like keeping track of your tasks, you need to keep track of your hours so you know if you are on track for your billable hours goal, and to make sure you’re using your time wisely between clients. Also, do your billable tasks first, that way you know you’ve made your money for the day before you move onto other business maintenance tasks like bookkeeping, sending invoices, doing research, pitching new clients, etc.

Change work locations

I focus better when I vary where I’m working from. Sometimes I work from my bedroom, my dining room, or my living room. My favorite place to work is from the library, because it offers various places for me to sit throughout the day for a change of position or scenery. If you work in a co-working space or coffee shop, switch tables or seats every once in a while. If you work from your home office, change the position of your chair in relation to your desk. This keeps you from feeling stagnant.

Control sound

Sound can be one of the biggest distractions while working. If you enjoy music, craft a playlist ahead of time so you don’t find yourself looking for what you want to listen to during work hours. If you enjoy silence, pick your work spaces accordingly, and don’t be afraid to use ambient sound or white noise playlists if you find yourself in a position where you need to block out other people talking.

Take natural breaks

I take breaks when my brain naturally feels like it needs a rest. This usually comes around the 3pm slump. During your break, stretch, have a dance break, grab a snack or make a cup of coffee.  I love a snack and a coffee on my break and I opt for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® from Walmart.

This year I want to be more cognizant of supporting brands that produce a good product and DO good for the world. This is why I like to pick up Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup® pods from Walmart. They have a number of initiatives that support and give back to the communities that grow their coffee. They launched the Blue Harvest program, which helped train over 2,500 farmers in water-smart agricultural practices and restored watersheds and water systems—all to provide better, safer and cleaner water to 100,000 people downstream. They also provide essential funding to World Coffee Research, an industry collaboration to develop and test varietals that will not only withstand the negative effects of climate change but also produce higher quality and yields for farmers. That ensures coffee in consumers cups and better livelihoods for coffee producers.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is doing good and it tastes good! Their blends are rich and smooth, and the perfect for in the morning while I’m getting myself together or during my afternoon break. The Caramel Vanilla Cream flavor in particular is a really nice afternoon treat.

I grab my Green Mountain Coffee pods from Walmart where they have a large variety of flavors at good prices. I also love being able to grab coffee, and pretty much anything else I need all in one place! When shopping from Walmart if I don’t have the time, I can make things easier on myself with the convenient Online Grocery Pickup option. Visit Walmart to purchase Green Mountain Coffee today!

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