The 24th Birthday

I'd say my birthday celebration really started on Wednesday night. I came home from a business meeting to a birthday cake lit with 24 candles with my name on it. (Gotta love a thoughtful hubby) I received my gifts from him the night before also, some silver hoops and an ESPRESSO MAKER!! So, of course, although it was about 9:30 at night I had to try out my espresso maker by making some latte's. Needles to say, after having birthday cake and lattes at 10pm I wasn't able to go to sleep until about 1am.

Yesterday, on the actual day of my birth, I had a really nice day. Of course I was greeted with a barrage of Happy Birthday messages on twitter/facebook/text message. The weather was warmer and I was in a happy mood. My mom called me in the morning to sing Happy Birthday. In the afternoon my 2 year old god son called and gave his own rendition of "Happy Birthday" which pretty much consisted of "Happy Birthday LaNeshe" and "I love you too" in alternation lol. My coworkers surprised me by taking me out to lunch to this nice Italian restaurant. Great food, but no that great of service. We did happen to dine next to boxer Bernard Hopkins, so that was interesting.

In the evening my husband took me out to eat to Honey's Sit and Eat restaurant. The food was great and we had a really nice time. My birthday night ended with a lovely "Happy Birthday" serenade from my grandparents.

The birthday celebration isn't over yet! Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going to see Avatar in 3-D and Imax during the day with the hubby, and then I'm going out to eat to this great Spanish restaurant with my friends and to a lounge/club afterward.

24 was/is a good birthday I must say.

Do I feel older? No, not at all, although 24 somehow sounds older than 23.

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