See me naked, stop a bomb

There has been a lot of uproar recently about the full body scanners being used at airports. Some feel like it is too invasive of privacy. The images they take come out like this:

So you can see the outline of the body- breasts, penis and butt included.

My take on this is that I don't mind it. If the outline of my figure is going to be seen by a trained airport security professional so that I can get on a plane with no weapons or bombs concealed, I'll take it. So many people ask "What part of your privacy won't you give up in the spirit of 'security'?" I understand this sentiment when it comes to prying into personal information such as buying, web browsing and library book history, but my body, eh, there is nothing so secret there, we all have the same parts.


  1. i have to agree with you on this one. most of us show almost that much with our clothes anyway. meh.

  2. What is sacred these days? I say if it saves innocent people from terrorists, "let's do it.
    Happy New Year!


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